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3 min readApr 13, 2021

Events to remember party rental Sacramento:

From birthdays to weddings, you want to celebrate it in a new way. You always want to remember your day with a good reason or as a perfect day. Events perfectly express your joy and happiness that could add up in the memories forever. You will always want to celebrate your day with all the great efforts you can add. There are many party products introduced in the market nowadays that can make your party a great success.

But buying all these products could be too expensive and will not be of further use. Valley Luxury Events facilitate you with all these items on rent at a reasonable cost without having to worry about overspending. We offer all the party rental services in Sacramento to make your party interesting.

Tent rentals:

For an outdoor event, the main thing is the selection of a tent. Weddings or birthday parties look great with an outdoor venue under the shiny blue sky in the natural beauty. Getting these tents on rent is a good option rather than buying such stuff. Valley luxury events offer you a variety of tents that matches your theme or style creating a classy look to the venue. We offer:

Structures frame tents

Sailcloth tent

Tent drapes

Tent top

Pole tents

We estimate 9sq ft space per person and the tent size can be calculated when the exact number of guests is estimated.

Chairs/Sitting arrangement:

Once you are done with your venue, the other thing that grabs your attention is the sitting arrangement. If the sitting or the chairs are comfortable to the guests, they can enjoy more. Valley luxury Events offer lounge sofas and chairs on rent for either indoor or outdoor parties. We offer some basic sitting arrangements:

Theater sitting

Sit down served

Sit down buffet

A variety of chairs are available at Valley Luxury Events like standard foldable chairs, Chiavari chairs, luxury gold chairs or white padded resin chairs, and many more. You can choose the type of chair according to your theme or style by availing of our event rental offers in Sacramento within budget.


Instead of using large formal or old tables, you can use small, multiple tables to create an elegant yet stylish look. At Valley Luxury Events, we offer cocktail tables, small round tables, banquet tables, or farm tables of different sizes. You can use them for rent and can organize a classy party without overspending. You can use or arrange the tables creating a unique look.

Linens and napkins:

Our clients can choose the linens according to their theme. You can choose whatever color you want. Adding these simple elements or items can make your party extraordinary.

Dancing floors:

The more you are entertained, the more will you make memories, and the more it will be fun. Adding a dancing floor to your party adds another element of entertainment

. You can either rent an additional small tent for this. But it will cost extra within the budget.

Lightings/ candle stands:

If you are organizing a party in the evening, lights are your best partners in making your party a hit. You can use lighting strips, beads or crystals, chandeliers, or candles with candle stands. All these items are available on rent at Valley Luxury Events. These lights will add more sparkles under the dark sky.

Bars and bar stools:

If you are organizing a gathering with friends or official gatherings, the addition of bars will be sound quite cool. At Valley Luxury Events you can get it on rent with suitable bar stools according to your need or theme. This will make your party a big success.

Event accessories:

You can utilize many items by availing of wedding or event rental services in Sacramento at Valley Luxury Events. You can use floral accessories, lights, chandeliers, dance floors, bars or bar stools, or buffet system items at valley Luxury Events.

Valley Luxury Events offer all kinds of party rentals that can make your party a great memory and remarkable without having to worry about the budget. You can make your event remarkable by trusting on Valley Luxury Events. Our team will be more than happy to help you make your big day a great memory forever for you and your guests.